How to get the best haircut you never had! (plus get $5 off your new look!)

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Ever wonder why your haircuts always look okay but not fantastic? I’m here to share with you the insider secrets of how to get the BEST HAIRCUT EVER!


1:  Identify your hair type – is it frizzy, straight, curly, limp…you get the picture.
2:  Be honest with your stylist (and yourself, ahem!) – how much time are you willing to spend on your hair? Are you “wash ‘n’ go” or “in the know!”? Would you be willing to use a hair dryer and a recommended product or two?
3:  Raid the magazines – I know, I know, you’re not Jennifer Aniston or Michelle Williams, but what do you like about their hair? Or what don’t you like about your own hair? And vice versa! Knowing the answers to these questions is priceless! IT REALLY IS THAT EASY!

Now, share what you’ve discovered with your expertly trained hair stylist. And pick her (or his) brain on what works best with your hair type, your desired maintenance level, and what best suits your features.

Pssst…I’ll let you in on another little secret, if you can’t come to an agreement on an amazing shape you may need to loosen the reigns a bit, or even, *gasp*, change stylists. At Slope Suds we have many levels of stylists, so you could always ask to bring in another expert opinion. We LOVE sharing styling tips and techniques!

Now, let’s get started on your new look! Book your “NEW LOOK” with any New Talent, Junior or Top Stylist and receive $5 off of your *BEST HAIRCUT EVER when you mention this blog post!

Wishing you the best,

Karla Mironov

*offer valid from Jan 24-Mar 31 2013; not valid with any other offer; valid for one haircut per person