Slope Suds Salon has been a local Brooklyn gem since 2006 and is a place where we celebrate community, creativity, and confidence. Listed as the fourth Davines Signature Salon in the NYC area, we support going green and staying clean! We proudly use Oribe, Davines and Redken. Here at our salon we honor the very people who have supported us through the most wonderful and toughest of times, and our appreciation is always reflected within our services. From your go-to haircut to the most boldest of makeover, we pride ourselves in encouraging our clients with what makes their smiles wide and their eyes shine.  

Be timeless, be trendy, be different, be classic, but most importantly be you. Slope Suds has created a space where we give you the confidence and power to look and feel your very best. Of course a large part of who we are is not at all possible without the skills and talents of our team. Slope Suds Salon is without a doubt the place to truly be yourself. 

Besides being exceptionally recognized for our vivid colors, precise cuts, and judgment-free space, our dedicated stylists are using their creativity beyond the salon chair.

Located near several busy shops and schools, we value the importance of community and are always trying to give back. We’ve collaborated with local artists to sell their artwork commission-free; offering hair makeovers to local students who are bullied for their physical appearance, and more! Regularly hosting families of all ages and identities, we’ve successfully curated an inclusive environment for everyone.
We thrive in our clients feeling like the best versions of themselves after every makeover. Come and experience a superb professional and quality salon without all the frills.